Choosing the Right Breed of Cat

Choosing a suitable breed of cat as a pet can be quite a dilemma to many people. There are many breed to choose from and all of them look so cute and adorable when they are still at the kitten age. In order to have a harmonious relationship with your cat from the onset, it’s important to take note of your lifestyle and personality before making a decision. It will also be good if you can seek the opinion of your family before making a firm decision.

If you looking at buying a purebred, mark out those breeds that interest you and do an extensive research on them first to find one that match your own lifestyle and personality. It pays to do your own research to prevent unhappiness and regrets in the future.

Certain breeds are renowned for particular behavior traits. Take for example the Persian cats which are reserved and laid back, while the Siamese cats are known for being vocal and active. So would you prefer the cool, passive personality of the Persian or would you go for the more bubbly and lively Siamese as your household companion?

Chances are an if you have a household full of children, the reserved and passive Persian would be easily frighten by the noisy antics of your children. Likewise, the bubbly and lively Siamese would probably be bored to tears by a quiet elderly owner, but would otherwise thrive in the company of a household full of noisy and active children.

If you decide on buying a purebred, get it from a reputable breeder. When you buy from a reputable breeder, many concerns are automatically taken care of. A responsible breeder will usually provide clients with a health guarantee and will have already begun a cat’s necessary vaccinations. Buying from a reputable breeder also increased the likelihood that the cat was raised in a good environment wit ha clean sociable atmosphere. Check with the breeder first if they allow their kittens to access their homes because this helps them to get acclimatize to people and household settings well before they are sold.

Before you bring home a cat, please go through the list of factors below and consider them carefully first:

1) Do you have the financial and legal responsibilities to become a cat owner?

2) Should you adopt or buy a cat?

3) Are you able to make some sort of adjustment to your living and working arrangements when you bring home a cat?

4) Are you able to commit to long term care of a cat?

5) Are you or any of your family members allergic to cats?

6) Do you have other pets?


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